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Bamboo Straw (Pack of 5 straws + 1 Reusable Eco-friendly Pouch) – Bambooheart


Washable; Reusable; Handy; Biodegradable

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Bamboo Straw is a perfect replacement for the conventional use and throw plastic straws which generate immense non-biodegradable waste. Because plastic stays there as it is for centuries. Plastic straws particularly harm marine life because of their size and shape, either they are ingested by marine animals of stuck to their nostrils any bring many more problems.
So, this one time usage habits need to be changed. And, you can change it by switching to bamboo straw, because it is..

* 100% Bamboo based
* No Plastic
* Chemical free
* Washable
* Reusable
* Ideal for Hot as well as Cold Drinks
* Easy to carry around in the reusable pouch
* Can last for years when handled properly
* Pack contains – 5 Bamboo Straws + 1 Reusable Eco-friendly Pouch

Care Tips – Clean well after each use (Use a straw brush if possible). Dry by placing in a horizontal position so that water can not gather at the end. Do not dry at high temperature, as it can lead to cracks in the straw. Store in a dry place if not using for longer times.

Additional benefit – Bamboo is a renewable resource; a woody grass; fastest growing plant; excluded from the tree category by Govt., thus no permission is required for cutting these; The products made up of this can be easily degraded in natural conditions and are compostable, thus its a win win situation in all terms when using a bamboo product.

When you choose a bamboo product, you are contributing towards the Conservation of Mother Nature.

Our tiny steps are counted…

Go Green , Be Ecofriendly…

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