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Bamboo Cotton Swab/ Ear Buds / Q-tips (Pack of 2) – Bambooheart

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For Clean Ears and Cleaner Earth…

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Bamboo Cotton Swabs/ Ear Buds


Stem- 100% Bamboo
Tips- 100% Cotton

* Biodegradable and Compostable
* 80 stems; 160 tips /pack
* Eco-friendly packaging
* Zero waste product
* Multipurpose

Cotton buds are essential article for our personal hygiene regime, along with other multifarious activities like makeup, art, painting, micro-cleaning etc. Generally cotton is wrapped around the plastic capillaries to make these buds. As this is a use and throw product, the cotton part degrades within few months, while the plastic part remains their for centuries, which eventually carries to oceans and disturbing the marine life.

On the other hand, our Bamboo swabs/buds have replaced the plastic part which degrades naturally similarly like a branch or twig. Moreover, Bamboo is a renewable resource; a woody grass; fastest growing plant; excluded from the tree category by Govt., thus no permission is required for cutting these; thus its a win win situation in all terms when using a bamboo product.

Go Green, Be Ecofriendly..

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