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Neem Wood Comb (Set of 3 – Handle + Wide teeth + Double teeth) – Bambooheart

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A Natural Way to Care for Your Hair

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Neem Wood Comb

* 100% Natural
* Chemical Free
* Durable
* Biodegradable
* Naturally Anti-microbial
* Non-static
* Prevents Hair Breakage
* Prevents Dandruff
* Promotes Blood Circulation of Scalp
* Promotes Hair Growth
* Have a Natural Soothing Aroma

Package Contains – Three Neem Wood Combs –
A full comb with wide teeth – help detangling the hair especially for lengthy ones.
A full comb with double teeth (wide and narrow) – works for both detangling and styling of hair.
A comb with handle – Handy: used for styling. Perfect for men.

Neem wood do not get static (imbalance charges on surface) like plastic comb, which prevents breakage of hair. Upon combing on scalp, it improves blood circulation which lead to a better hair growth.

Wooden combs had a significant place in our traditional hair care regime, and a single comb considered to be enough for a lifetime due to its durability. Adding a Neem wood Comb to your dressing table will bring health, ethnicity and reduce pollution caused by plastic combs.

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