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Shampoo Bar | Gotu Kola, Fenugreek | for Dry, Colored & Damaged Hair

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In the realm of beauty, its main benefit is its ability to prevent hair loss. It stimulates microcirculation, which enables greater oxygen and nutrien

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“Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir.

It has been called the herb of longevity and elixir of life . This is power packed antioxidants and healing extracts of the wonder herb, Gotu Kola


The high concentration of unique compounds known as saponins fuel the power within this plant. It also contains phytochemicals including beta-carotene, camphol and campesetol, and is a source of the minerals calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc as well as vitamin C, B–1, B–2 and B–3.

Additional Information: Pratha Naturals believes in the powerful combination of Natural exotic pant based, time tested Ayurveda recipe and Professional expertise from all four fields – Dermatologist, Chemist, Ayurveda Beauty Practitioner.

We maintain the highest standards of quality in terms of performance, comfort and safety with all our products.

This is Certified FDA, Certified Organic , Certified Green Label, Certified BIS.

Free from – chemical, paraben, surfactant, PEG, Palm oil, GMO, preservative, synthetic fragrance, syntactic color. Not tested on animal.”

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