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Kakapo Cork Wallet – Unique Unisex Slim Wallet for Men and Women

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Unique Unisex Slim Wallet for Men and Women

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The luxurious, light-weight cork wallet is made of Nature’s most Sustainable fabric- Cork and that too with an enhanced premium, super fine texture. Unlike leather, it’s cruelty-free and chemical free too and yet it is water-resistant, wear and tear-resistant and ages like leather.
It looks like a classic wallet but so much different. Pictures don’t do enough justice to this wallet. Once you hold it, you might as well fall in love! We are not saying that. It’s come from the people who have seen and own it so far!
7 dedicated card slots. 6 on the front. 1 hidden card slot.

Holds 10 cards easily. Could hold more

2 sections for cash

Color: Tan on the outside, Green on the inside



Dust-proof & Mold-proof

1 year warranty as cork is a highly lasting material

We plant 5 trees per product sold! 3325+ trees planted already.
Named after Kakapo
We have named this wallet after the grand Kakapo bird, which is the world’s only flightless parrot. They can climb tall trees and use their wings to help “parachute” to the forest floor. It also sometimes goes by the name of owl parrot or night parrot. It is also possibly one of the world’s longest-living birds, with a reported lifespan of up to 100 years but it is critically endangered and there are only 142 of these magnanimous birds out there! It’s a beautiful creature and we love to call our wallets The Kakapo Wallets!
Uniquely made for the contemporary you!
Most of us today use more cards and less cash and hence with 7 dedicated card slots and a special one, we have designed exactly for you! But a lot of times, we end up needing cash too. So, we have 2 sections for that too. We are truly contemporarily Indian!
Even when full, the wallet will seem light-weight and has a unique smooth luxurious feel to it!
Hidden Card Slot
There’s one hidden card slot in the first cash section for any special cards or cards which you don’t need often. You might as well use this for coins!
One Card Slot, multiple cards
The third card slot on the left is a unique card slot because it is meant to hold multiple cards together. You might as well put additional cards in other slots too if you have way too many of them! They have been made accomodative for more than 1 card. This came as a feedback from one of our customers and at Clan Earth, we always listen and incorporate your comments and feedback. We grow with you

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions12 × 12 × 2 cm

Green, Tan


Clan Earth


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