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Vriksha Veda Stinging Nettle Hydrosol


It promotes a healthy scalp environment for hair growth.

Nettle Hydrosol for Skin: Its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties make it helpful for acne-prone skin. It can be applied topically to affected areas using a cotton ball or pad. It soothes skin irritation and inflammation associated with acne, wStinging Nettle also known as Bicchoo Ghas, burn nettle or scorpion nettle; widely grows in the foothills of Himalayas. It has a natural detoxifying agent hence it could potentially detoxify the scalp and skin when applied.

Nettle Hydrosol for Hair: It is a rich source of sulfur and silica that helps combat dandruff and hair fall. Regular application of it also promhile the astringent properties can help control excess oil.

Our Stinging Nettle Hydrosol is prepared with a traditional steam distillation method by our farmers in Uttarakhand.

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